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Training Services

Forklifts and Telehandlers

Safe and skilful use of a forklift is an essential in so many industries these days.  Philorth Plant can ensure quality training at affordable prices.

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Excavators, 360 and 180

An excavator is a  useful  piece of plant for the construction industry.  Philorth Plant keeps you up to date with the best in training with full CMPE certification. Contact us for details.

Dumpers, Forward and Rear Tipping

Dump trucks are very useful on a building site but could be a cause of an accident unless good training is given to operators.  Philorth Plant provide experienced, qualified training to meet with current legislation. Contact us for details.

Construction Machinery and Equipment

The Construction Industry relies on a wide variety of machines and equipment to keep it efficient and economic.  The law requires that operators are suitably qualified and trained to use them.  With fully registered CMPE approved instructors from Philorth Plant you can be sure that Health and Safety requirements will be met.

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Over 90 courses and growing

Philorth Plant offers over 90 different courses for the Construction, Agricultural and Horticultural industries, with a wide range of subjects from hand operated tools right through to giant diggers.  Philorth Plant can help your business to become safer, more efficient and more economic.  Contact us for details.

Agricultural Machinery.

Agriculture has become more reliant on technology in the 21st century with an amazing array of new machines becoming available.  But how can they be operated safely and efficiently?  Philorth Plant can help.

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Why choose Philorth Plant?

Safety First

RoSPA on its web site states that there are an

estimated 1.1 million cases of workplace injury and 7.1 million working days lost as a result each year in the UK because of workplace accidents.  The cost to businesses is huge in a variety of ways.  

Good training can help to reduce accidents, and save money.  That’s why every Philorth Plant training session begins with a Safety Awareness Course and assessment.  Only when the safety issue has been addressed will the instructor move to the specialised content of the course.  The CMPE puts it this way:

“Know safety, no accidents!”

Quality,  Valuable Training

As a family run business Philorth Plant recognises the importance of value in training both to the company paying for the training and the operator.  

Philorth Plant training is certified by the CMPE who operate the only independent and traceable system of an operators ability and experience in the UK.  Trainees are issued with a Safety Awareness Certificate (valid 5 years)

Record of Competence Log Book which contains passport type photographs of the trainee and proof of specific training or assessment.  This information can be easily passed on from site to site allowing accurate checking of an operators ability and training history.


We get the price right

We know the value of good training to any business, but we never forget that customers need training that they can afford.

Philorth Plant offers the best prices and additional discounts to groups involved in our training, and also for trainees who take more than one course.

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The Contractors Mechanical Plant Engineers (CMPE) is one of the UK’s leading professional bodies representing Plant professionals.

Established more than 50 years ago the CMPE introduced the Plant Operators Certificate of Competence scheme in 1984.

Today it remains the only independent and traceable system that records and verifies an operators ability and experience.

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